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Lex Luthor

Villain of the Story...

31 October
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The Villain of the Story...

Alexander "Lex" Luthor was the billionaire CEO of LuthorCorp. He has struggled with a dark history and an even darker destiny. Lex is the son of Lionel Luthor and Lillian Luthor. He was the brother of Julian Luthor and the half brother of Lucas. Due to a meteor shower when Lex was a child, he no longer has his red hair, but compensates for the loss through his various charms and rapier wit.

Lex Luthor attended exclusive boarding schools from an early age one of which being the prestigious Excelsior Academy Preparatory School. He also frequently played with the children of his parents' powerful friends, the Teagues, the Queens, and the Swanns. Like his father, Lex graduated from Princeton with a Bachelor's degree in biochemical engineering in less than four years and was taking a break from graduate studies at Yale when he was sent to live in Smallville to manage the Smallville Fertilizer Plant #3.

Lex’s personality stems from the loving care of his mother and the neglectful, unfulfilling upbringing he received from his father after Lillian's death. Because of these conflicting influences, Lex is an extremely complex individual. Another unfortunate side effect of Lillian's demise caused Lex to subsist into a callous and alienated youth leading him to eventually become rebellious and quite self-destructive. As a teenager and into his young adult years, he partied hard, got arrested, and was a general source of embarrassment and disappointment to his father. Additionally, his romantic relationships have a tendency to be intense and perhaps a bit fleeting.

Lex eventually underwent many changes and while forced to move to Smallville by Lionel, he struggled to overcome his father's ruthless, uncaring reputation. He was honest, kind and willing to use his wealth to help others. He ceased his self-destructive tendencies and worked to become a productive, valuable citizen. Occasionally, he would unveil signs of the malicious man he would one day become, but, by his own admittance, his friendship with Clark Kent helped to keep this at bay. He, in fact, thought of Clark as the brother he never got to have.

Scholarly and physically apt, his thirst for power is a growing and unquenchable designation. He has become more arrogant, stylizing himself as a protector of the world. Lex eventually accepts his destiny of becoming the tyrannical and ruthless leader his father raised him to be abandoning the concepts of truth and justice while in favor of power and control. He enjoys fast cars, scotch, chess, pool, and fencing. Lex is a fairly accomplished swordsman, marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, owing his skills to years of private tuition. Perhaps his most estranged, yet amazing feat is his super immunity against illnesses and ailments.

"There's so much of my own life I can't explain. I've survived countless brushes with death, and it all started with this car crash. If I'm guilty of anything, it's that I've inherited my father's eccentric curiosity for the unexplained." -- Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor

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Some things to take into consideration...

Lex Luthor is a rather versatile character with multiple origins and in the attempt to do Luthor justice, I'm going to address the muse where I am most familiar. There is one particular AU that I'm focusing heavily on for the sake of detaching the character from the archetypal depiction, while giving him a few unique twists and turns along the way. The AU is based off of the episode Onyx where Lex split into two parts creating "Alexander" which is Lex's moral half. I will be playing that perspective from time to time. For the most part, however, Lex will be played as per the comics, earlier seasons of Smallville, Lois & Clark, the Animated Series, and as the player, I graciously accept AUs, crossovers, and invite people to interact without doubt or fear. I promise; I'm not evil... Mun and Muse are 18+ and happens to relish in SLASH. By the way, Smallville went to hell in a hand basket. I can't follow it anymore. It's so fucking trashed hence my only cooperation with the series is from the earlier years meshed, of course, with the comics...

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